Student Mobility


Application Procedure for Outgoing Student Mobility

Erasmus+: Procedure for AUA Student Mobility for Studies

The goal of this procedural document on the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) is to define a set of actions for preparation and implementation of AUA student mobility based on ICM  Guide[1]. It applies to both inbound and outbound mobility for students within Erasmus+ ICM.


After the approval of the Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) between AUA and the hosting higher education institution (HEI), the Office of Grants Management (OGM), sends the student mobility call to the respective college/school head as well as posts it at AUA’s International Cooperation (IC) webpage:

Students are not able to apply directly for Erasmus+ funding. Students should contact their college to find out about Erasmus+ opportunities or visit the AUA International Cooperation (IC) website for more details.

Students will be provided with course catalogues and schedules for their review by the AUA department head, and course selection in consultation with their respective program focal point.

Eligibility criteria

● To be eligible to apply for a semester abroad through Erasmus+, a student must:

● Possess a high GPA as defined by the college/school

● Be enrolled in the second or third year of studies, if enrolled in an undergraduate program; or second or third semesters if enrolled in a graduate program

● Have no disciplinary record within the University

● The following is preferred but not required:

● Knowledge of language spoken in the host country

● Involvement and leadership in extracurricular activities

Selection process


The application package entails documents as follows: AUA academic transcript (unofficial copy is acceptable), motivation letter, EUROPASS CV, other forms and documents as required in the call by hosting HEI.

The Selection Committee, composed of academic department members, selects and announces the name of the student within 5 working days following the submission deadline. In some cases, the host HEI carries out selection according to its own criteria.

Before Mobility

Once awarded a grant, the students shall:

● Select courses (components) based on approval from the program chair

● Complete and sign the Learning Agreement (LA)

● Submit signed LA to program chair for Provost’s approval and signature

● Complete and sign the Grant acceptance form and submit it to designated contact at the host HEI

● Declare to the Office of the Registrar that he/she intends to study abroad by submitting the signed declaration form along with a copy of LA

Throughout the application process, students should be able to schedule an appointment at the Embassy, collect required documents for visa receipt. Students must collect the proper documentation according to the list of requirements for student visa application. For additional documents (note verbal, copy of inter-institutional agreement between institutions, etc.) students shall contact the Office of Student Affairs. The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for visa facilitation.

Any additional and extra costs incurred before mobility shall be covered by the students.

Students can get information on insurance and housing from the relevant contact points mentioned in the inter-institutional agreement signed between AUA and host HEI. Housing during mobility falls under the students’ responsibilities.

If awarded a grant, all inter-institutional and mobility agreements shall be reviewed and presented for Provost’s approval by the OGM. The OGM shall make sure that all deadlines of calls as well as inter-institutional agreements are met and valid prior to further processing.

Tuition fee: Erasmus+ ICM mobility for students entail no tuition fee during the study period. During the mobility period, the students’ AUA tuition fee is not suspended.

The Erasmus+ program covers the travel costs (e.g. airplane ticket to the country of the host HEI) and cost of stay for students living and housing while their studies abroad. The amounts of the cost of stay and travel cost are defined per Program Country according to Erasmus Program Guide (

Application process

The Program Chair shall:

● Advise and approve courses selected by the students

● Indicate the AUA equivalents to the courses chosen by the students

● Submit the completed and signed LA of the student for Provost’s approval with a copy to the Office of Grants Management

● Submit the signed LA to the hosting HEI

● Provide students a copy of the Erasmus+ Student Charter from the academic program

Student shall:

● Complete and sign the learning agreement in conjunction with the department head

● Submit scans of their ERASMUS application form, passport, and learning agreement to head of college/school or the Coordinator at the Office of Student Affairs

● Submit the Form to Declare Term Abroad and the relevant paperwork to the AUA Registrar’s Office.


During Mobility


Communication and mentorship with the mobility participant throughout the course of mobility will be ensured by the designated AUA contact of the respective program.

Contact and oversight via email of the students’ experience will follow the timeline:

● One week post departure

● One week after the start of classes

● Once per month throughout period of mobility

The day-to-day wellbeing of the students, as well as issues regarding courses, extracurricular activities, etc. are to be handled by the host HEI.

Course change

The students shall immediately contact the department head in case of changing the course at the host HEI. Changes of the courses shall be reflected in the LA “During mobility” section, signed by students, respective department head, and host HEI representative according to Erasmus+ ICM timeline.


After Mobility

Credit recognition and transfer

Mobility periods must be recognized by both HEIs as stipulated in the inter-institutional agreement and in the LA. The receiving institution provides the sending institution and the students with a Transcript of Records within a reasonably short period of time (stipulated between the two institutions prior to mobility) after the issuing of the students’ results at the receiving institution. The Program Country HEI is responsible for encoding the number or recognized credits.

After returning from mobility, it is the students’ responsibility to submit the list of courses along with their descriptions taken abroad, the signed final LA, and the transcript from the host HEI should they have it in their possession, otherwise the host HEI sends the transcripts directly to AUA.

Upon successful completion of the set of educational courses (components) included in the LA and confirmed by the Transcript of Records sent by the receiving institution and made available to the students, the sending institution should fully recognize the agreed number of credits. Courses are then transferred to the students’ AUA degree by the Office of the Registrar and use them to satisfy the qualification requirements.

Grades are not transferred, only credits. This is done in accordance with the AUA Transfer Credit Policy ( by AUA Registrar.

According to AUA policy, ECTS credit hours are typically divided by two (2) to determine the standard AUA equivalent credit amount. Students may not receive more than 60 credits from outside institutions.

In case the students have not completed their course(s) successfully at the receiving institution, institutional procedures should be defined for assessment of educational components within the agreement between HEIs. Such procedures should be communicated to students before the beginning of the mobility. Students should not be asked to sit for any other examinations or have to do extra work after having returned.

The host HEI is also responsible for providing the student the Diploma Supplement upon completion. The educational components successfully completed abroad will be attached to the Diploma Supplement with their original titles (and their translation into the language(s) in which the Diploma Supplement is issued), the indication of the institution where they have been taken, and the credits and grades awarded.


Upon return, the students shall fill in the After Mobility Questionnaire and submit it to the Office of Student Affairs.

[1] Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Guide


Application Procedure for Incoming Student Mobility

Applying to Study Abroad at AUA Guide for Erasmus+ Applicants

We are so excited to hear that you are considering the American University of Armenia as a study abroad destination through Erasmus+. Although you will study at AUA through this EU mobility program, you still need to process an application through our system. The information below provides tips to ensure that all required application procedures are followed.


Before you begin the application process, please find out if you have an Inter-institutional Agreement with host university. To this end, discuss your study plans with the international coordinator at your Faculty/Department before applying.

● Go to AUA’s Online Application System at

● Select New User Registration and create your profile.

● Log in, go to the Admissions tab, and select Submit a Study Abroad Application.


Submit a complete application* including all required

Submit proof of your studies by attaching a PDF version of your transcript(s) for all colleges and universities you have or are currently If you are in your first year of undergraduate studies, please also upload a PDF version of your high school transcript(s).

Present official results* confirming:

English language proficiency typically through the TOEFL iBT or IELTS Academic. Native and near-native speakers are eligible for a waiver. For Erasmus+ applicants, we may consider other Simply add proof of other tests confirming English language proficiency and we will contact you if any questions arise during the review of your application.

Math proficiency typically through the SAT or We will consider scores of expired exams. Alternatively, you may confirm math proficiency through your performance in certain university-level math courses. Email [email protected] and attach your unofficial university transcript. We will then confirm whether your courses are sufficient proof of math proficiency.

● Scan of the photo and registration pages of your passport.
● Short personal statement discussing why you want to study at AUA.
● Application Fee: WAIVED for Erasmus+ applicants.

Once you submit your application, we will review it for technical eligibility. We will contact you if there are any missing items or if we have any questions. Otherwise, we’ll notify you that your application is complete. Once our Admissions Committee has made a decision, you will be notified. All communication is conducted via email.

Once admitted you may wish to contact with AUA Student Affairs.

For any questions regarding the application, feel free to contact the Office of Admissions at [email protected]