Faculty Mobility


The goal of this procedural document is to define a set of actions for the preparation, implementation and follow up on AUA faculty and staff mobility projects based on the European Commission Erasmus+ Program Guide. It applies to outgoing and incoming mobility for Training (staff) as well as Teaching (faculty) within Erasmus+ International Mobility projects.

E+ ICM Agreement Submission Procedure

  1. The academic and administrative departments shall look for cooperation opportunities in their respective fields.
  2. The Office of Grants Management (OGM) shall explore and share Erasmus+ ICM opportunities on higher education institutions’ (HEI) interest to cooperate with AUA.
  3. The Erasmus+ ICM proposals for applications shall be approved by the corresponding department head, and then by the corresponding VP/Provost, to ensure centralized submission system to avoid applications to the same university by different departments.

Following the approval of the mobility award, communication with the partner institution is coordinated by the OGM, to make sure the terms and conditions of the agreement are clearly spelled out and followed during the award period. The OGM should be copied on any communication between the specific department head/faculty/staff member and the partner institution’s corresponding department’s representative.

If awarded a grant, all inter-institutional and mobility agreements shall be reviewed by the OGM and presented for Provost’s and corresponding VP’s approval. The inter-institutional agreement (IIA) should be approved prior to the mobility agreement. The OGM shall make sure that all deadlines of calls as well as inter-institutional agreements are met and valid prior to further processing. The Provost and corresponding VP must approve the mobility opportunity within one week of IIA receipt to ensure that both sending and host universities have approved the exchange.


Open Announcement

As per the Erasmus+ Program Guide, every call shall be announced openly and transparently, through AUA’s website, e-mail to community, etc. in order to ensure equal opportunity and transparency.

Following receipt of invitation for mobility from partner universities, the OGM circulates the information to the Deans of the corresponding Colleges/Schools for faculty mobility opportunities and Human Resource Management (HRM) department for administrative staff mobility opportunities. Upon consent from the Dean regarding program match, the OGM generates the application with collaboration from the department contact. The Dean then opens the call to faculty. Similarly, the HRM department opens the corresponding call for administrative staff.  In cases when the call requirements are specific to a certain unit/department/college, the OGM shall refer the call to the respective Department or Unit, so that the latter can announce the call among their staff for self-nomination.

If the hosting institution does not specify the field of mobility in its call requirement, then the call is announced across all AUA departments and units by OGM.


According to the Erasmus+ Program Guide, under STAFF SELECTION CONDITIONS, staff taking part in a higher education mobility project must be selected by their sending Higher Educational Institution (HEI) in a fair and transparent way.

Selection for teaching and training mobility shall be carried out by the departmental committee established by the corresponding College/School at AUA.

The selection process shall be based on the selection criteria and made public. The Professional Development Committee, consisting of respective academic/administrative departments’ and support units’ representatives, as well as OGM, shall assess the applications based on the following criteria:

  • Potential for impact on applicant’s professional development
  • Benefit to AUA
  • Clarity of motivation letter
  • Relationship of grant outcomes to university/program/unit mission, strategic goals and objectives
  • Potential for generating new project opportunities with AUA

Generally, if proposals are of comparable quality, preference is given to applicants who have not had recent E+ ICM mobility.

Eligibility Criteria: All full time faculty/staff with an employment contract and at least one year of working experience at AUA are eligible to apply.

Before Mobility

Prior to departure, mobility participants must have agreed on the conditions of the mobility program between the sending and receiving institutions through a mobility agreement approved by their supervisors. The mobility participants shall organize their agenda according to their professional interests and job relevance. The mobility agenda must be approved by the Dean and/or head of department as well as the host institution prior to departure.

Mobility Agreement

The selection of the HEI's staff shall be made by the sending institution on the basis of a draft mobility program submitted by the staff member after consultation with the receiving institution/enterprise. Prior to departure, the final mobility program shall be formally agreed upon by both the sending institution/enterprise and the receiving institution/enterprise (by exchange of letters or electronic messages). Both the sending institution and receiving institution shall be responsible for the quality of the mobility period abroad.

Before departure, the mobility participant shall participate in a mobility orientation session. Optional topics/activities for such an orientation may include: sharing information on Armenian culture/history/political issues and on AUA, promotional materials, as well as destination country culture and details related to the program. Staff selected to participate in mobility projects shall be considered as “Ambassadors of AUA” to present AUA’s interests at the hosting institution. The orientation session will be organized by respective college focal point together with the OGM.

During Mobility

Communication/mentorship with the mobility participant in the course of mobility will be ensured by the focal point of the respective department.

After Mobility

At the end of the mobility program, the participant is required to (i) submit a report to his/her supervisor (ii) make a presentation to AUA community about his/her mobility project.

The report and/or presentation shall include: narrative on the value added by the mobility at the personal, departmental, institutional and national levels, if applicable.

Incoming faculty/staff
As to incoming mobility, in cooperation with AUA respective college/department/unit focal point, OGM shall:

Make organizational arrangements with partner institutions in providing support in the course of mobility, including agreeing on the terms of the inter-institutional agreements, receiving and ensuring smooth process of integration of mobility participants; and keeping the inter-institutional agreements updated; Ensure preparation and approval of mobility agreements for faculty/staff.  

The Manager of AUA Services shall provide information and assistance on housing, etc. to incoming faculty/staff.